Web Design is an ever-changing field where the designers and developers need to be highly competent to meet the upcoming requirements day in and day out.

A large number of tools are available in the market, both free and licensed, as well as many new techniques are also being introduced in designing. In 2013 also, we had witnessed a lot of new trends in designing, which have created a wave in the market. Further we will review a few of such new trends in the web design arena.

Simple Design Interaction and Content

Simplicity is the new mantra in web design, and a good example is the offers in Manchester website. Simplification is widely accepted by the web users also and as far as the newer mobile-based browsing is concerned, simplicity is having better means on small screen viewing. Simplification is the most effective tool to make the web content easily readable on many varieties of devices and enhance the user experience.

UX Oriented Design

UX Oriented Design

The user perception as well as the usability experience of a particular website and its  content is very important in terms of making a website popular – just like the Barca Manchester page. So, more importance is given to the user interface while developing a web page now. It is noted that the traditional website also adopt more of a king of mobile user interface pattern, which are found to be more user-friendly and offer an enhanced user experience.

App-Model Interfaces

In the coming months, what we are going to witness is a total transformation of the popular desktop websites, which may probably mimic the style of the mobile Apps. Simplifying the content and prompt buttons are going to be more common as in the case of the customized apps. Simplifying and unifying the text and UI as well as developing more responsive projects are going to be the new style.

Articulation of desktop and mobile as a unique version

These evolving concepts are termed as adaptive, responsive, resolution independent etc., which in turn means the unification of all versions into a single unit. There are many techniques to achieve the fluid web design concept. With this style, whichever device the site is getting open will automatically sync to the screen resolution and offer the best viewing experience. This is expected to be the need of the future rather than using the preset dimensions.