Jul 14

Chrome: For Mom (Mom!)

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Jun 14

#9 CSS-Klassen – CMS fokus Entwickler-Tutorial

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May 14

How To Uninstall Google Chrome

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Apr 14

Schritt 2 Eigenes Modul und Position erstellen – Joomla 1.6

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Mar 14

z06 h2h tutorial

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Feb 14

Modern Trends Of Web Design

Being a professional in the field of the web development seems to be very easy, mainly when the world is full of numerous institutes that certify the IT professionalism. But, the real professionalism comes from tackling the challenges of modern web design concepts. The novice often finds itself alone while facing the tough completion in the market. To help, here are certain tips that will act as catalyst for successful web design.

Flat Icon

This is a simple logic to have the flat icon just like that introduced by the Smartphone and tablets. Plain Sailing have a flat icon. The flat icon will have the added advantage of low graphics configuration which in turn will make the website lightweight and much compatible. This is one of the trickiest part of web design elements.

Old Fashioned Logo

The fashion always circulates in the cycle. Today, people prefer the logo design in the form of old style badges. The cowboy theme and the rustic jungle style logos are gaining popularity, as per the latest statistics of IT companies. The websites that support the new ideas and innovative stuff must have such logos on their homepage.

Slide Shows

“Slideshow will slow down the transfer rate of your website”. This is an old phrase that is no longer valid for the successful websites of the modern world. People are fond of seeing the slideshow on the home page. Plus, the advanced HTML5 technology allows designers to create lightweight slideshow for websites. Side by side, the flash has been modified to prepare small sized slideshows for websites that are easy to be rendered on the slower system too.

Feb 14

TUTORIAL: How to Customize Chrome Themes & Extensions!

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Jan 14

Web development in entertainment

Entertainment for people was primarily derived from cinema theatres, TV and music stores and other such physical representations earlier. The scene of entertainment has now shifted to the internet. Thanks to advanced web development techniques now you are able to command a variety of entertainment into your computer screen or a Smartphone’s display.  No more need to travel afar to witness movies and plays you have it on your palm held mobile phone or on your PC now.

The web development has devised ways to beam videos to your computers via internet.  You can watch any kind of movies, animations, songs, videos via the streaming video which are compressed format of files easy to course through the internet. Interestingly many of the streaming video can be watched free of cost. Most of the anime series are free and so are the songs download. People have saved a lot of money on the records and audio disks instead they have opted to download them from the internet free of cost.

People who have always wanted to go to the casinos but lacked the means to do so now can just barge into one online. Yes the online casinos designed by the most advanced web technology have afforded people to visit them and enjoy the environment. These casinos also offer free play for people who become members for the first time.

Kids don’t have to visit a physical gaming arcade to play their favorite video game. It is all up there and you can also compete with other players who are present online like you and become a champion internationally. There are hundreds of websites that offer music round the clock on most languages of the world and all you have to enjoy them is a fast internet connection to your PC. The live streaming video of sports is another feather the web development has added to its achievements.